Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Asda Home Shopping

It wasn't all that long ago since I was going on about how convenient it is to be able to do your shopping from the comfort of your armchair, and how good it is not to have to struggle on and off buses with heavy bags of shopping. How did we ever manage in the past?

I just found out that it doesn't always work like that though. One of the reasons that I use online shopping is to save having to carry all the heavy items like tinned goods and cartons of milk. I only do the shopping once a month and try to get most of the heavy things in one go, perhaps taking a trip into town later on in the month if I run out of some of the lighter goods.

For that reason I usually purchase 12 cartons of milk and my tinned goods amongst my monthly online shopping. But yesterday I was let down big style by the supermarket. They delivered my shopping with items missing, saying that some of the tinned goods and the milk was not available 'at the time of picking'. It's not rocket science - why not do the 'picking' when the items ARE available?

I've just had to pay a visit to the supermarket to get my missing items, and struggle home on the bus with them - not much fun if you struggle to walk because of a dodgy hip.

Supermarkets are always asking for your feedback about how happy you are with them so I sent off an email to let them know how 'happy' I was with their home shopping service. Their reply was, "Here's £2, now be a good chap and go away." Although it was worded slightly different, as in, "As a gesture of goodwill, for the trouble caused, we have attached a free delivery e-voucher to your online account," but it still amounted to the same thing - here's a couple of pounds, deal with it and move on.

I may be strapped for cash but I'm not that desperate. I didn't send the email to try and earn a couple of pennies from them, I sent it so that they could try and improve the service they provide. Fat chance of that happening.

Keep your £2.00, Asda - try offering a better service instead. Or is that too much to ask?

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