Saturday, 25 February 2012

Home Shopping (again)

I'm convinced that Asda are trying hard to lose their regular customers. Towards the end of last year they failed to deliver within the allocated time slot, and last month they delivered my order with with several items missing (although credit is due to them for not actually charging me for the missing items).

Unfortunately I can't say the same for them this month. Not only are there items missing for which I haven't been charged for, there are also items missing from my order which I HAVE been charged for. After contacting their Customer Services department, the money that I was overcharged was eventually credited to my account. But, really, is this the way to run a home shopping service?

Because the money has been credited to my online shopping account, the only way I have of recovering it is by doing more online shopping with Asda. Let's hope that next months' shopping experience is a better one than what the previous two months have been. If not, then I will be using another supermarket.

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