Thursday, 22 September 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday  I spent a couple of hours adding a few new pages to this blog (the link bar is at the top of the page).  The first page I worked on, the biography, has the least amount of detail but it took the longest to create. Sixty years condensed into three paragraphs, what an exciting life it must have been. I enjoyed working on the second page, the one titled 'Huddersfield'. This one tells about my home town and includes several pictures of the town and surrounding areas. I'll add more pictures over the coming weeks. The next page I added, the 'History' page, is just a list of notable dates in Huddersfield's history. Check it  out, there may be some events there that you remember.

Talking  of events, that's where I'm thinking of going next. I thought it might be a nice idea to create a page showcasing events taking place in Huddersfield. I know, I know, 'what's the point' you are asking yourselves, 'when no one is likely to be reading these pages'. Maybe, maybe not, but I do know that I'm bored out of my tiny little mind and I need something to do. This little project I've started is taking up a couple of hours of my day so it doesn't really matter if anyone reads it or not, but if they do, I hope that at least some of what I write will be interesting or useful for them.

I still haven't managed to find any other blogs that can give me some ideas for me to use here so I think I may have to carry on searching. I've got to say that there have been one or two that have caught my eye while I have been flicking through and I've stayed on their pages for a little longer than I have for most. Some of them I'd like to have visited again but I've not been able to find them again. I'm going to have to look into how to make a 'favourites' list, or consider following some of the pages I visit. By doing that I should imagine that, at the very least, it's going to let the owners of those pages know that there is someone out there who is interested in what they write.

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