Monday, 19 September 2011

First Post

I found this thing called 'Blogger' today. As I have too many hours in the day I thought this may be a way of filling some of them up. On this first visit I've spent a while playing with templates, backgrounds and layouts, etc., so it's already filled in a couple of hours of my day. I might try playing around and 'tweaking' a bit more on my next visit, but how much can be done before I get fed up of tweaking remains to be seen.

I'm not sure if a blog is supposed to be for everyone to read or just for your own private ramblings. Are other people really going to read random ramblings by a 'nobody'? Although after saying that, I think I may have to read some other people's ramblings just to find out what they are writing about and how they use a blog. For example, are they simply using one for their own personal diary (in which case should I really be reading it?) or are they shouting out as loud as they can to tell the whole world something?

There is one thought going through my head as I am writing this first post, "If someone is sitting in a room all alone and they start chatting away to themselves, are they not ready for a visit from the men in the white coats?" By writing it down instead of speaking the words, is that not just speeding up the inevitable? I'll let you know when the white coats come knocking on the door.

I wonder how long it will last before the blogging novelty wears off and this becomes just another site that I signed up to and no longer use. Only time will tell. I'll have to try and remember to keep coming back (and then try to find something to write about).

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