Saturday, 15 October 2011

Getting Romantic? I Don't Think So!

There are a lot of fiction books in my book case, mostly horror or paranormal, and a lot of naval history and naval warfare books. I have never read, or even considered reading a romance novel. It wasn’t all that long ago that my video collection consisted of mainly action films or war films and horror movies. I still have all those movies, but why is it that nowadays my DVD collection has more girly films and rom-coms than anything else?

A few days ago I chose ‘Bride Wars’ rather than watch one of the ‘Die Hard’ movies. Last night I quite happily sat and watched ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ followed by ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and enjoyed them both. There are still plenty of action films on the shelves that I could have watched but, no, I picked these girly films.

I think it might be time to start getting worried. Maybe I should consider seeking out some sort of medical help, the next thing you know I’m going to be reading romantic novels…. no, don’t go down that path, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

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