Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Little Girl

It’s my little girl’s birthday tomorrow.

She may be grown up and married and have children of her own but she is always going to be "my little girl".

9,131 days ago she came into the world with a million wrinkles on her little face. She looked just like a pug dog with a screwed up face and from the second she was born (that’s 788,918,400 seconds ago to be precise) her nickname has been ‘Pug’. But I’m the only one that’s been allowed to called her that, no one else was ever allowed to. She used to beat her older brothers up if they called her Pug.

I was in the navy when she was born and had to spend a lot of time away from home. I used to hate having to go away and miss seeing her growing up, missing the first time she stood up on her own, those first steps, those first words, and her first day at school. Sometimes I didn’t get to see her for months on end, but there was never a minute that she was out of my mind (and that’s every one of the 13,148,640 minutes since she was born).

Unfortunately it’s almost the same now. Ok, so maybe I’m not away for months on end nowadays, but living in different towns makes it difficult for us to see each other on a regular basis, and as I can’t get to see her on her birthday I’m just as sad now as what I was back in the days when I had to go away.

The only consolation is knowing that she is with her own family and that she is going to enjoy her birthday in her own way. She’ll be celebrating that she is 1,304 weeks old, or 219,144 hours if you like (not that I’m counting).

She might be a quarter of a century old…. but she is still "my little girl" and I love her to pieces.

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