Sunday, 30 October 2011

Treasured Moments

Madison and Vicki Lou
I very nearly kidnapped two little girls yesterday. I was going to make them stay at my house and keep them all for myself (I doubt it would have taken all much kidnapping tough, they would have quite happily stayed with me). Of course, I would have had to kidnap their mum along with them as well, I don't think I could handle two tiny tearaways all by myself, but then I would have had my three most favourite girls with me all the time.

My daughter and her girls came to visit me again and we had an absolutely brilliant time. They arrived early in the morning and spent the full day here, it was wonderful.

Like the last time they were here, all we did was stay indoors and enjoyed our time together. The TV was switched on and tuned in to the cartoon channel but I don't think anyone was interested in watching it, we just talked and played with each other and had a great time.

There's no stopping little Madison now, at ten months old she has found her feet and wants to be on them all the time. Put her on the floor and within seconds she is using the furniture to pull herself up onto her feet - she managed to walk the length of my room by holding on to the coffee table and the sofa. Any day now she's going to be able to get around without holding on to things, she's going to be all over the place (her mum is just about to find out what 'hard work' really means).

Vicki Lou
Vicki Lou on the other hand is already running about - but in the nicest possible way. I don't think I've ever known a child that wants to be so helpful, she will do absolutely anything for you. Ask her to get a nappy for her sister and off she goes, ask her to put something in the bin and she happily trots off with the rubbish. If we try to put anything into the bin ourselves she will tell us off for not letting her lift the bin lid up for us (although she's not quite strong enough yet to use the foot pedal).

It's the simple things like that which are the most memorable. Vicki Lou was sitting on the side in the kitchen while granddad made a cup of tea and we had the most interesting conversation; she doesn't like burgers but she likes McDonalds, her sister likes burgers but Vicki prefers sausages, her mum takes sugar in her tea, and Vicki has her own special cup (and I was using the wrong one).

Sisterly love
And then there are the moments when Vicki Lou wants to show you something. I might have been having a conversation with her mum or trying to do something else, but if Vicki wants to show you something then she will do, she won't let up until she has your attention. Or the magical moment when she carried her 'new chair' to the front door to show it to her dad when he came to pick them up. All these moments are now safely locked away in my memory bank to be retrieved at a later date when I need to put a smile on my face.

It was only yesterday when they were here but it seems so long ago. I'm already looking forward to the next time....

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