Thursday, 6 October 2011

Time To Chill Out

Surprisingly there's not a lot happening here at the Old Codger's place today. I don't have to go out and I'm all caught up with the housework and shopping and everything, so there's really only one thing left to do - put my feet up and chill out. The hard bit is choosing whether to watch a film or just relax with my book. I think I might go and make myself a cup of tea, put the radio on, and do a bit of reading this morning. I'll leave the movie till later on this afternoon.

I turned the TV on last night for the first time in ages. I spent about five minutes looking through the programme guide before I decided to put a DVD on instead. The TV planners have no idea these days, there's absolutely nothing on telly worth watching. If it's not one of these reality shows like X-Factor or Big Brother, or a show that involves either dancing, cooking, gardening or house renovation, then it's some sort of long-running soap that's well past its 'best before' date. What an exciting prospect, death by reality or death by soap. I mean, really, what sort of a life is it if you choose to sit around and watch shows like Big Brother? All you're doing is sitting in a house, watching people sitting in a house. And I thought I had a sad life.

I think it's time that people woke up and saw these programmes for what they really are. The majority of them ask for you to call in and vote for something, or someone, so the main point of making these shows is not for entertainment, it's just to make money. Even game shows are trying to get at your hard earned pennies. They run competitions where they ask a question and give you a choice of three answers, with the correct answer being so amazingly obvious. People are so confident that they know they answer so they ring in. Sometimes more than once thinking that they might be in with a better chance of winning the holiday or whatever it is that's being offered. Hundreds of thousands of people are doing the same thing, ringing a premium rate number, and before you know it the producers of that particular game show have earned themselves probably ten or twenty times more than what is cost to produce the show in the first place. It's time to wake up everybody, or they're going to carry on ripping you off (have you ever heard of anyone actually winning one of these competitions).

Ok, now that I've warned the whole world about these money-grabbers, I think it's time to go and get that cup of tea I mentioned. Now, where did I put that book.....

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