Monday, 3 October 2011

Home From Home

Happy Families
I got to spend a weekend away with my daughter and her family and helped to celebrate my Grand-daughter's third birthday. Saturday was the day of the party and it turned out to be a full house as family and friends arrived to join in the fun. The weather was good over the weekend so the party was a combination of both indoor and outdoor games.

One of the best things about having kids is watching the expressions on their faces. I used to love watching my own kids opening their presents. The looks on their faces showed a mixture of feelings as they went through the suspense of wondering what they were going to get, the impatience and surprises as they opened their presents, and the enjoyment as they finally opened them. Priceless! It was just the same watching Vicki Lou open her presents too.

Mummy helping Vicki Lou put her new doll's house together
It was really great being able to go through it all again. One of the presents she got was a doll's house with loads of accessories. She didn't know which bit to play with first. Although looking at some of the pictures I took, it looks as though mummy might have been having more fun than what Vicki Lou was.

After mummy had finished building it and putting all the various stickers on, Vicki sat and played with it for ages. I think she had a great time. What mummy had done all helped to make the day a success too. She had put up loads of balloons and banners to make it an extra special day for Vicki. And the food she put on.... wow! It didn't help with anyone's weight problems but it was one of those spreads where you had to go around again and again (it had to be done).

Madison enjoying herself on the swing
Madison was a bit too young to fully realise what was going on, but I think she enjoyed herself and had just as much fun. She might only be nine months old but we made sure that she wasn't left out and got her involved with everything. She even got presents of her own.

There were a few things that she was a bit too young for but she was up for plenty of the other things. She liked being in the ball pool in the garden, she spent quite a bit of time in there with her sister, and I would say that she certainly enjoyed being on the swing. The look on her face is a bit of a giveaway there. And there was no crying or tantrums as we took her out. She just moved on to the next thing and seemed to be just as happy. By rights, she was too young for any of the food that mummy had prepared, but thanks to a couple of grandma's I think she managed to get some of it.

Mummy, Madison and Vicki Lou on the trampoline
When it came time to go on the trampoline Vicki Lou wanted her grand-dad to go on with her, but I didn't think that was a good idea so I told her that I'd have to stay off so that I could take some pictures.

Thankfully she was happy with that explanation, I think my days of bouncing around on a trampoline have long since gone. Madison got to go on there though. She's a bit too young to stand up on her own but with a little bit of help from mummy she managed a couple of jumps, then she enjoyed crawling around while her sister bounced beside her. And for a three year old, Vicki Lou knew that she had to be careful and not hurt Madison. Although it wasn't quite the same with the presents though. What's Vicki's is Vicki's, and what's Madison's is Vicki's too (she's going to be a perfect wife for someone).

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