Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas Is Coming

My Christmas tree
Ok, so that's it. Halloween is over for another year, the 'trick-or-treaters' have been and gone. The fireworks are still going off though, but I should imagine that will all end in a few days time. So, if it's November, then that must mean that people up and down the country will be rushing to try and  be the first in their street to get their Christmas decorations up.

I'm afraid I've beaten you all to it this year. I'm the first! It's taken me all morning to put them up, but I thought I would put a picture of my decorated Christmas tree on here for you all to enjoy.

Kim and Tracy
My little girl can't wait for the snow and the cold weather to arrive though, she's so impatient for it that she's jetting off to colder climates to try and find it (let's just hope she doesn't bring any snow back with her). She sent me a text early this morning to say that her and her cousin Kimberley have arrived in London, after travelling for nine hours on a coach to get there. At the moment they are at Heathrow airport enjoying a cup of coffee while the are waiting to board a flight that will take them to Iceland.

Iceland of all places! They could have gone to town and gone to the local 'Iceland', it wouldn't have been so much of a struggle to get their shopping back home then. But then again, the local Iceland wouldn't have given them the chance to see the Aurora Borealis. NASA has already predicted that there will be record northern light activity for winter 2011/12 and that it will be the strongest in fifty years. So, after a nine hour coach journey, I really hope they get to see it.

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