Friday, 25 November 2011

Back to South Africa

I've lived in my new flat for almost two years now (if that's the case then I really should stop calling it "new"), and out of those two years there has only been one neighbour who has been friendly and talkative. She is the only one who will stop and chat when we pass in the street, everyone else just says, "good morning" and hurries on their way. But not this lady. She'll stop and talk when we pass and has often been in my flat and had a coffee with me.

She was round last night and we had our final cuppa together. She has no family in England as all her relatives live in South Africa, she never gets any visitors here and spends most of her time alone so I can see why she wants to return - I think I would have done the same a long time ago if I were in a similar position.

She leaves England tomorrow and heads back to South Africa, back to where her friends and family are. I'm going to miss her. Who am I going to chat with now?

And after all this time, I still don't know her name. (She did tell me once but I was unable to pronounce it. She even wrote it down but it just looked as though she had put the alphabet in a box, shook it up, and wrote down the letters as they fell out).

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