Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Old Friends

My daughter has to take a ninety minute train journey to get to work. Usually, on her journey home after work, we get the chance to send a few texts to each other, putting the world to rights and having a little chat about all things under the sun. I missed that last night. Tracy is away in Iceland for a few days to try and catch a glimpse of the northern lights and we were unable to do our regular texting. Isn't it strange how we take things like this for granted then miss them when they're not there. Remember the days before mobile phones?

And, talking of those days, I received a letter from an old friend in Malta yesterday, someone who I haven't heard from or seen for going on forty years. That was back in the days before emails and texts and we had to keep in touch by writing letters. We used to write loads of letters to each other back then but that all stopped in the 70's. Helen hasn't got a computer, and international phone calls can be expensive, so the only way to keep in touch now is by writing.

It's not going to be easy - it's been years and years since I last wrote to anyone but I'm going to give it a try though, it should be fun.

Now, where did I put that writing pad....

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