Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day Tripping

It looks like our trip to Manchester is back on again. A couple of weeks ago a visit to the Science and Industry Museum was mentioned, but after looking at the costs involved and the distance we had to travel I thought the idea had been shelved. Apparently not. The visit to the museum was mentioned again at the beginning of the week and it looks like the Manchester trip is on again.

Does old age make you more adventurous? Last year the three old codgers used to get together at one or other of our houses and spend the day putting the world to rights. We'd have a pot of tea in the morning, go out to the chippy or a local pub for a spot of lunch, then round of the afternoon back at home with another pot of tea. The meetings seem to have grown since then.

Last summer we signed up for a photography course and spent six week learning how to take better pictures. After that the weekly routine changed completely. We no longer went to a local pub for lunch, we went all over Huddersfield looking for pubs that served food. This summer things were different again. Instead of just sitting indoors and going out for lunch we started going to various local attractions like the National Mining Museum or Standedge Tunnel.

Over the last few weeks we have been going further and further away from home to find somewhere to visit. We've been to attractions in Gomersal, Halifax and Bradford, we've had a wander around Wakefield and gone to Leeds to visit the Royal Armouries Museum. Now we're going to Manchester.  I think I ought to start packing my suitcase if we're travelling that far.

Now, where did I put my passport....

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