Saturday, 12 November 2011

Home Cooking

I really must stop looking at all these blogs about food. There are some excellent blogs out there with even more excellent ideas on food and how to prepare it. But, as a mere male who has never been any good at cooking, no matter how carefully I follow recipes I never seem to get it right. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps I was never meant to be a good cook.

It's so easy to read the instructions on the side of the packet, put some veg into the pressure cooker and knock up a reasonably decent meal, but it's not quite the same as the proper home-cooked meals that I remember. I like good meals, but some of the ingredients mentioned on other sites might just as well be in a foreign language, I've never heard of half of them.

Perhaps it's best if I stick to what I know. At least that way I'm not going to end up eating anything hot and spicy. Ok, where's the eggs... I think a cheese omelette sounds good for tonight.

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