Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pure Snobbery

I've just read an article about the monthly £1 million Premium Bond prize. Someone stated that the prize should not go to anyone who only holds £5 worth of bonds. It sounds as though someone is more than just a little bit jealous. Everyone knows that the more bonds you hold, the more chances you have of winning one of their monthly prizes, but to make a statement like that is just pure snobbery. Why shouldn't the prize go to a £5 bond holder? They've paid their money and they are entitled to the prize just as much as the next person, the value of their holdings shouldn't come in it - what's the betting that the guy who made that comment holds the maximum £20,000 worth of bonds (and thinks the prize should be his).

It's so easy for people to become obsessed with money and for it to take over their life creating loads of problems. Personally I don't have any of those problems - I don't have any money, so I don't have any problems. Although I did come into a bit of money today. I couldn't believe it! The hard bit now is trying to decide what I'm going to spend it on. As I opened my door this morning, I hadn't gone more than a couple of steps outside and there it was. There was a shiny 5p piece on the floor just calling out to me, my luck is definitely changing for the better - things are looking up at last.

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