Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Supermarket Rip Off

The big supermarkets just love to rip you off. I've just done a bit of shopping at Asda and they are at it again with their 'shrinking' goods. Occasionally I buy some large cheese-topped teacakes, but I won't be doing so again. They used to be roughly the size of a CD, perhaps slightly larger, but now they are no bigger than a jam doughnut. I used to buy a pack of two cheese and onion pastry slices every now and then, but that's another thing that I won't be buying again. They're just half the size of what they used to be. They seem to be reducing everything - and putting the price up at the same time. Do they really think that we're not going to notice?

It's not as though I can change supermarkets or buy my food elsewhere. With not having a car I can't get to another supermarket and travelling by bus is out of the question. Apart from the high cost of public transport, I don't relish the thought of catching two buses while struggling with heavy shopping bags, or paying out a fortune for taxis. If it wasn't for the fact that we have to spend a minimum of £25 when shopping online I'd quite happily pay the delivery charges (they work out cheaper than a bus or a taxi), but when I'm only doing a bit of 'top-up' shopping I'm not always going to spend £25.

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