Monday, 14 November 2011

Customer Service

I know I have a habit of pulling supermarkets to pieces for ripping us off, particularly with their increasing prices for goods that have been reduced in size. I don't think that's going to change any time soon - anyone in their right mind would agree, but it's a totally different story in some other supermarket departments.

I've been trying to get myself some decent trousers for some time now, but I've been trying to get them at a reasonable price seeing as I'm going to have to spend at least another £5.00 on each pair to get them shortened to the right length (thanks to having short, fat, hairy legs). I'd previously bought some on the internet that I thought was a fair price, even allowing for postage. They were my size but when I tried them on they were too tight in the waist. I bought them on eBay and wasn't able to get a refund.

I did the same again a little later - this time it was two for the price of one. Same problem, too tight in the waist, and way too baggy in the legs. Again I was unable to get a refund so now I'm building up a collection of trousers that don't fit - handy for when, or if, I manage to lose a bit of weight, all I'd have to do then is get them turned up.

So I decided to try Tesco Clothing. Their prices are not too expensive and they offer a refund if needed, plus they have a free return service.

I bought myself two pairs of trousers but because of previous problems I though I'd order the next size up just to be safe. They arrived within two days and I tried them on straight away so that I could get into town and have them turned up to the right length. I was getting ahead of myself though. They were far too big and baggy!

I followed the instructions that accompanied the trousers and wrapped them back up for returning to Tesco. I took them down to the Post Office on Saturday morning and sent them back. When I went online on Monday morning there were two emails from Tesco waiting for me. One said that they had received the returned items and the other said that a full refund had been given.

How's that for service?

Maybe I didn't get my new trousers, but there's no way that any complaints could be given about the level of service given. The only problem now is that I'm back to square one. I suppose that I'm going to have to settle for trousers that are too tight at the top and too baggy in the legs (or try a bit harder to lose a bit of weight).

Is this what we have to put up with for getting out of shape, or am I getting too fussy in my old age?

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