Friday, 18 November 2011

Wasted Days

Three days of doing nothing have just gone by. I've done absolutely nothing over the last three days apart from eat, drink and sleep. The television hasn't been on, the computer hasn't been on, I haven't picked up a book once, nor have I caught up with my letter writing. That's three 'lost' days that I'll never get back. What a waste!

Things picked up a little yesterday though. The other two old codgers called round and we spent the morning putting the world to rights. We had no trips planned for this week but seeing as it was a nice day we took a walk after lunch. We didn't go anywhere special, just a short walk down the road, but while we were out we called into a garage to look at the cars that they had for sale.

They had some nice cars on offer but unfortunately they were all out of my reach. One of the cars on the forecourt that I took a liking to was a used model but even that cost a pretty penny. I haven't had a car for sometime now and I think it would be nice to get back on the road but at £15,000 for a second-hand car, I don't think I'll be driving any time soon.

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