Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lazy Saturday

Another Saturday and another quiet day in the old codger's caboosh. I've got absolutely nothing planned for today (now that is unusual) so I think I might spend the day catching up with a bit of reading. I've had a book on the side table that I started a few weeks ago but haven't picked up for a while. For some reason I always seem too busy to read lately, but I can't understand why though, it's not as if I'm actually doing anything constructive.

I had a phone call from my little girl last night as soon as she landed at Heathrow. She's back from Iceland and she told me that they've had a brilliant time (apart from the whale watching part - rough sea took away the enjoyment for that day). She had to end the holiday in the same way it started, with a nine-hour coach journey, so the plan was for her to go to her cousin's house and get a bit of sleep before going home. (she'll be asleep now so if anyone is reading this, make sure you read it quietly so as not to wake her up).

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